How To Wear A Baker Boy Hat: Casual Look

One of my latest fall addition is a Brixton hat . If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to update any fall look, this is a great choice.  Today I’m wearing basics: Black T-shirt and jeans and to complement the outfit I just add a bit of color and my favorite hat for the season.

Next time, dressing up the Brixton.

Sunglasses: Gucci, similar Urban Outfitters; Top: Naf Naf; Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Ash, similar Zara; Hats From: Urban Outfitters River Island and H&M




The No 1 Hat You Will Be Buying This Season

If you love hats you probably will be getting this one (if you already don’t own it) because it’s going to be the only piece you need to spice up your wardrobe: a Brixton or Fisherman hat. It is edgy-retro and a bit bohemian.  Make it fun, make it part of your style this season.

Next post: effortless-casual and Brixton.

Hats from: H&M, Asos, Free peopleUrban outfitters.


One-Shoulder Spring Style

Nothing like a warm, sunny day to start the day! It just feels like summer and this is the time when the weather is so great, not to hot, just warm and breezy.  To welcome this season nothing like a one-shoulder top and jeans, although this top is so versatile …